One of our young employees spent her summer working on a huge (100,000 acre) guest ranch in Wyoming. While there, she snapped this photo of Molly, one of the ranch’s beautiful horses, gazing into the distance. What was Molly seeing? What was she thinking about? While we all can’t do what Danielle did and go to Wyoming for a summer, we can definitely broaden our horizons by reading. Hang this big 17″ x 22″ chart “as is” or put it in a frame — either way, it is a beautiful and affordable way to remind us that adventures await within the pages of a good book. Our thanks to Danielle Baker for snapping such a beautiful photo and to Wyoming’s historic A Bar A Ranch for preserving and sharing a bit of our country’s Western heritage. This chart is printed on Durable 10-Point Poster board. You’ll find fun, reproducible activities on the back of the chart for added value. Coordinating products are available. Search: Barker Creek Read.