Barker Creek’s Learning Magnets® Language Arts Kit is a powerful language-arts resource that will help your students master a wide-range of skills. The kit includes 396 magnetic pieces–60 A-Z Letters with Pictures Magnets, 38 Uppercase Letter Magnets, 38 Lowercase Letter Magnets, 208 Color-Coded Kidwords®, and 52 Magnetic Kidwords® Make Your Own Word tiles. Teach letter recognition and simple phonics skills with A-Z Letters with Pictures. Add the Uppercase and Lowercase Letters to practice simple spelling and alphabetization skills. The letters throughout the three magnet sets are color-coordinated (all the vowels are green) helping learners to mix and match them as they master their ABCs. As their reading skills develop, introduce the color-coded Kidwords®. This set includes high-frequency words that are color-coded by grammar. By simply replacing a green word with another green word, children can see what a noun’s job is in a sentence. Repeat that same exercise with verbs, adjectives, pronouns, etc. Each picture magnet in the A-Z Picture Set also has a corresponding Kidword® magnet to further reinforce word recognition skills and to make it possible to create rebus sentences. The Kidwords® Make Your Own Word tiles allow you to add additional words to the mix. Two magnetic Kidboards™-one blue and one red-measure 9″ x 13″ and are sized to fit on children’s laps and desks. Additional magnetic sets and 5-Packs of Kidboards™ are available: Search Barker Creek Learning Magnets®.