Barker Creek’s Neon 2″ and 4″ Letter Pop-Out Set will make your bulletin boards, posters, and displays POP with style and color. The set includes two packages of Barker Creek’s top-selling letter pop-outs – 2″ Neon and 4″ Neon. The 2″ Letter Pop-Outs are perfect for smaller spaces while the 4″ Pop-Outs are great when you want to catch some eyes from afar. This set includes a well-researched assortment of 931 upper and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks. Spanish punctuation marks are also included. 4″ Letter Pop-Outs include 255 characters, while our 2″ Letter Pop-Outs include 676 pieces! Classy! Beautiful! Fun! Easy-to-use! Durable! Fashion-forward! These are just a few compliments these beautiful letters have received. Coordinating products available: Search Barker Creek Neon.