Barker Creek Learning Magnets® A-Z Letters with Pictures set will help your students master letter recognition and simple phonics skills. The set includes a total of 60 magnetic pieces. The first 26 magnets in the set have photographic images printed on them – one image for every letter of the alphabet. For example, a photo of an apple is on the magnet representing the letter A, a photo of a ball is on the magnet representing the letter B, and so on. The next 26 magnets include smaller versions of these same photos along with both the upper and lowercase versions of the letter represented by that photo (for example, the ÒA” magnet includes a small photo of an apple along with ÒA” and Òa”). By mixing and matching the photo magnets with their corresponding letter magnets, your students will rapidly master their ABCs. Also included are five Òaward” magnets: Wow, Super, Awesome, Well Done, Great Job – and three blank tiles for adding your own words of encouragement. Additional magnetic sets that will further strengthen your students’ letter recognition, reading, and beginning writing skills are available as are Barker Creek’s top-selling magnetic-receptive Kidboards™. Search Barker Creek Learning Magnets®.