Barker Creek’s PCS Learning Magnets® combine magnetic picture communication symbols with Barker Creek’s award-winning, color-coded word magnets. This magnet set includes 90 magnetic pieces – 45 magnetic picture communication symbols (PCS) illustrating commonly used social phrases and questions, and 45 companion word magnets. The social phrases and questions included on the word magnets are color-coded for grammar and can be used with Barker Creek’s award-winning Kidwords® Learning Magnets (sold separately). Phrases and PCS icons for concepts like Òmy turn” and Òyour turn”, greetings like Òhello” and Ògoodbye”, and politeness markers like Òplease” and Òthank you” are included in this set of picture word magnets. PCS icons and companion words for questions commonly asked in a school setting are also included. Some of the questions include ÒWhat’s your name?”, ÒHow are you?” ÒCan I play?” and the Five Ws: Òwho, what, when, where, and why?” These teaching magnets are perfect for emerging readers, English language learners and students who require augmentative and alternative communication systems. See Barker Creek’s full line of educational magnets and Kidboards™ by searching: Barker Creek Learning Magnets®.