Barker Creek’s PCS Learning Magnets® Activity Kit includes 270 magnetic Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) and their corresponding words and phrases for a total of 540 magnetic pieces. The words and phrases in this set are color-coded by parts of speech and can be used with Barker Creek’s award-winning Kidwords® (sold separately). Included are 90 high frequency nouns, 90 high frequency verbs, 45 school words, and 45 commonly used social phrases and questions – represented as both a PCS symbol and it’s corresponding word or phrase. In addition to the 270 magnetic PCS symbols and their coordinating 270 word and phrases magnets, this activity kit includes two magnetic-receptive Kidboards – one red and one blue. See Barker Creek’s full line of educational magnets and Kidboards™ by searching: Barker Creek Learning Magnets®.