Barker Creek’s award-winning Kidwords® set of magnetic words makes it easy to practice writing complete sentences, master difficult grammar concepts, and enhance creative writing skills. The words included in this set are a well-researched mix of the most commonly used words in the English language, using words from both the Dolch and the Fry word lists. Sight words, rhyming words, words for colors and numbers, and commonly used positional words are included in the set. Nouns that begin with every letter of the alphabet are also included and are great tools for strengthening phonics, letter recognition, and alphabetization skills. Kidwords® are color-coded by the parts of speech. Nouns are green, verbs are red, adjectives are blue, and so on. By simply replacing a green word in a sentence with another green word, your students can instantly see what a noun’s job is in a sentence. Repeat the exercise with verbs, adjectives, pronouns, etc. The magnets in this set are high-quality, flexible magnets and are suitable for both classroom and home use. These magnetic manipulatives can be used with a broad age-range of learners – ages 4 and up – and are a great resource for emerging readers and English Language Learners, too. The set includes 208 magnetic words and punctuation marks. Additional magnetic sets are available as are Barker Creek’s top-selling magnetic-receptive Kidboards™. Search Barker Creek Learning Magnets®.